Master Teacher Workshops

Master Teacher ImageThe Institute of Gerontology coordinates The Master Teacher Workshops as one element of the Faculty Instruction, Research, and Outreach Development Program of The Georgia Gerontology Consortium.

The Master Teacher Workshops series was initiated in 1999. These workshops bring together outstanding instructors and educators to share secrets of their successes in teaching gerontology courses. This series is marketed nationally in order to attract a diversity of colleagues who could both share their experiences and learn from each other.

The Distance Learning Partnership in Gerontology Program helps to defray the costs of attendance and participation by members of its teaching faculty for the courses which are congruent with a workshop's theme.

Suggestions and requests for particular workshops are always welcome and may be directed to the Master Teacher Workshops Series at The University of Georgia Institute of Gerontology.

In the fall of each academic year, a workshop announcement is distributed by mass mailing, media announcements, and publication to this website. For more information about past programs, Click here.

For more information concerning the Master Teacher Workshops or to request a mailed copy of an announcement, please contact:

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