Graduate Certificate in Gerontology Program

Grad Certificate ImageThe curriculum for The University of Georgia Graduate Certificate in Gerontology program is designed to meet six goals:

1. Students are presented with a comprehensive theoretical overview of the field of gerontology. The interdisciplinary and integrative nature of gerontology is emphasized.

2. In addition to a broad, interdisciplinary perspective, students are required to acquire a basic foundation in the psychology, biology/physiology, and sociology of aging.

3. There are opportunities for students to have practical or hands-on experiences with older adults in the form of community service or course practica.

4. Students are exposed to gerontological research techniques and methodologies, permitting them to develop their own analytic and evaluative skills.

5. Students complete either a research project or field work placement practicum focused on some aspect of gerontology.

6. Students supplement their own disciplinary academic expertise with gerontological content and methods to advance their aging research and practice.

Completion of the curriculum requires a total of eighteen semester hours of eligible graduate level courses. To apply for admission to the Graduate Certificate Program, students can choose one of following options:

An informative brochure containing additional information about the Graduate Certificate Program, together with all necessary forms, is available online at this website. Click here to download a copy. Please contact the UGA Graduate School for information about graduate admissions, tuition, and fees.

For more information concerning the Graduate Certificate of Gerontology or to request a mailed copy of the brochure, please contact:

Help Desk Coordinator
Institute of Gerontology Help Desk
255 E. Hancock Avenue
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-5775
Phone: (706) 425-3222
Fax: (706) 425-3221

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