Student Activities

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Each year in the spring semester, we have a recognition celebration for gerontology students. This event celebrates those who have completed the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and also marks the installation of current students into the Sigma Phi Omega gerontological honor and professional society. Dr. Robert Bretscher and Dr. David Levine have been keynote speakers at the event in recent years. Congratulations to all of our students! We are proud of your accomplishments.

Recent students who have completed the Graduate Certificate:

June 2007
Amanda Anglyn
Li-Kuang Chen
Linda Samuel

December 2006
Mary Ellen Quinn

May 2006
Elaine Gunter
Dawn Hayes
Rachel McGee

Students inducted into Sigma Phi Omega:

May 2007
Juliette Christie
Aloise McNichols
Linda Samuel
Helen Schimke
Marilyn Schroeder
Tamar Shovali

May 2006
Benjamin Anderson
Yuan Gao
Elaine Gunter
Dawn Hayes
Sara Hendrix
Young Sek Kim
Trudy Moore
Ruth Neustifter
Tiffany Sellers